Treatments been applicated

In my practice, I practice many of the types of treatment performed in the field of dentistry.


Root Treatment

Teeth are nourished by the vessels and nerves that enter them from their roots and maintain their vitality. These vessels and nerves are called the pulp or pulp of the tooth. Sometimes pulp tissue is exposed due to caries or trauma and sudden or non-temporary chronic pain may occur in the teeth. In these cases, the pulp of the tooth is removed by root canal treatment.


Prosthodontics Treatment

Teeth cannot be treated with simple treatments such as fillings, and prosthetic treatments that also require laboratory procedures are needed. Sometimes missing teeth or missing teeth can be rehabilitated by measuring records taken from the jaws in the absence of one or more than one tooth. Moreover, fixed or removable prostheses can be preferred depending on the patient's comfort level.


Tooth Extraction

The teeth, which cannot be saved with root canal treatment and are seen as a source of infection for the body, are extracted and the patient's health is restored.


Impacted Tooth Operation

Impacted teeth, which could not erupt because they could not find a place in the mouth or could not move into the mouth due to their position, are extracted with the operation and the patients regain their health.


Tooth Filling

Teeth whose pulp is not completely affected, often due to caries and sometimes trauma, are filled with tooth-biocompatible materials to treat progressive disease, caries or sensitivity.


Pediatric Dentistry

Children are family members that parents can sacrifice themselves for. They will want to see that their children are treated well, except that they are informed during their treatment. In addition, decidous teeth in children may require different treatment procedures compared to adults.


Tooth Bleaching

One of the secrets of a beautiful smile is whiteness, which can be considered as an indicator of healthy teeth. Each individual has a unique tooth color. However, this color can be brought to light tones with various chemicals.

Implant Treatment

Implants, which are often preferred by patients who do not want their healthy teeth to be interfered with after tooth loss, can be fixed by placing titanium screws that are biocompatible with the body in the jawbones and then receiving support from the prostheses from the implants.